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Tandoor Skewer Automation

Tandoor Skewer Automation

About Device

A device through which once we put the skewer into the tandoor the timer automatically gets on, after the program time is over (For Example Timer is set for 10min), the buzzer will sound and one skewer number will be seen in the screen ,that means the mentioned skewer number food is ready. The timer adjust’s itself based on the temperature of tandoor.

Test Device Findings

  • Tandoor to be gas operated, all Coal tandoors should be converted to gas.
  • Tandoor will have a NCV to control the gas Pilot
  • Tandoor will have a gas regulator to set the gas flame(this will replace the gas NCV so that the operator CANNOT CHANGE THE GAS FLAME).
  • Tandoor will have 3 separating modes (Low,Mid and High) for the gas save.

Modes to save gas

  • During non operation hour we will set it to Low (80’c)
  • During Mid operation hour we will set to Mid (180’c)
  • During High operation hour we will set to High (260’c)
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