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To help customers handle their sophisticated automation needs, Pratimatic employs advanced technologies like robotics, cloud computing, machine vision, machine analytics, factory information system. Our technologies also encompass the industry 4.0 IoT platforms.We use technology and adaptive robotics to fundamentally change the lexibility, scalability, resilience, and economics of industry. Currently we are providing solutions in:

  • 01. Embedded Software
  • 02. Mechanical Design
  • 03. Electronic Design
  • 04. Robot Specific Services
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Comprehensice Turnkey Automation Solutions

Need for Automation in Food Industry

The latest in kitchen innovation is equipment that lasts and adapts to support increasing demand. Save on everything from food waste to labor with commercial kitchen automation engineered specifically to boost your everyday efficiency and continue to deliver consistent product quality with fast food restaurant automation. We design our solutions to easily integrate in your kitchen.

Benefits Of Using Automation In Food & Beverage

Recent automation trends stem from a massive labor shortage. Quick-service restaurants know about the decrease in staff, particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Small teams are hurting the productivity and morale of workers who are doing the roles of multiple people or face poor reviews from dissatisfied customers.

Customers are also dealing with change, as low staff is mentioned three times more often in today’s Yelp reviews than before 2020. People are struggling with labor shortages across the board.

However, automation can help get orders to people faster, improve the conditions for staff, increase profit and place the business at the forefront of its competitors. In the upcoming years, 50 percent of quick-serves have planned to implement technology upgrades into their business models. With the advancement of automation trends in the food industry, quick-serves must consider how to stay on the ball and deliver the best customer service.

What we offer?

Industry-leading custom automation solutions

Can’t seem to find quite what you are looking for? In addition to standard equipment and products, we provide high-grade custom turnkey automation solutions that meet your requirements, from single products and cells to fully integrated lines. With over 30 years of experience, we deploy innovative custom automation solutions for a variety of industries with complex manufacturing challenges. Our custom turnkey solutions cover a wide variety of testing, assembly and process automation applications – a combination of which is the key to solving your manufacturing challenge

  • Tandoor Skewer Automation
  • Temperature Controlled Dosa Plate
  • PLC Based Steam Kettle
  • IOT for Retaurant & Food Industry

For companies in the food and beverage industry PAN India, Pratimatic Automation is a leader of innovation through automation. As a key partner to the largest food and beverage manufacturers, we design and support fully customizable solutions from concept and validation to service and support.

Our Recent Work

Food Automation


Automatic Tandoor Skewer

Automatically monitor the cooking time

A device through which once we put the skewer into the tandoor the timer automatically gets on, after the program time is over (For Example Timer is set for 10min), the buzzer will sound and one skewer number will be seen in the screen ,that means the mentioned skewer number food is ready. The timer adjust’s itself based on the temperature of tandoor.

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Temperature Controlled Dosa Plate

Designed to save gas significantly while maintaining consistent dosa color effortlessly.

By utilizing this device, you can save gas, while achieving a temperature range of 205 to 220 degrees Celsius. This temperature range ensures the dosa maintains a consistent and uniform color.

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PLC Based Steam Kettle

PLC Based Steam Kettle enhances efficiency, precision, and versatility in cooking processes.

It monitors and controls various parameters such as raw material weight, cooking temperature, cooking time, and accommodating multiple recipes pose challenges in traditional steam kettle operations.

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IOT for Retaurant & Food Industry

Upgrade your restaurant and food industry operations with IoT solutions, enhancing efficiency, quality control, and customer satisfaction.

Super Markets, restraurants, Franchise stores are becoming very busy these days as people prefer eating out and spending time choosing their food supplies carefully. With these changes happening rapidly day to day operational challenges require environmental monitoring as a must.

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UVC Disinfection Conveyor

UV-C Based Surface Sanitization

Effective for all types of micro-organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Suitable for Retail UVC treatment (before and after packing) of Food Products at Sweet Shops / Bakeries / QSR /Restaurants and Disinfection of Phones / Purse / Bags etc at entry points of Malls/ Hospitals/ Offices etc

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UVC Disinfection Chamber

UV-C Based Surface Sanitization

Effective for all types of micro-organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Suitable for both home & office use. Useful for Decontamination of Groceries/ Vegetables/ Fruits/ Mobiles/ Laptops/ Keys Etc. Also useful for Decontamination of PPE Such as N 95 Mask, Goggles/ Face Shields etc

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